On the Hook (На Крючке)

You can’t surprise anybody with tattoo, piercing or flesh tunnel nowadays. Somebody tattoos himself on his birthday to emphasize his full age, and every girl “respecting herself” has a piercing in the navel. As the years go by, flesh tunnels stretch and the number of earrings grows. Why is it at the height of fashion? Why such a current as


In a peculiar travelogue, two filmmakers dive into an ancient rite of manhood in Islamic Java – the tender and raucous sport of the singing doves. When General Zainuri announces the National Perkutut Championship, thousands of Muslim men arrive at the grounds. Seven hundred poles stand in the center. Men hoist their doves – perkutut – seven meters up and

SAMA- Muslim Mystic Music of India

SAMA explores the Islamic music tradition in India and portrays how the two have borrowed and taken inspiration from each other, in both form and content to become a truly magnificent sound. The film attempts to discover that connection which allows the artiste to become one with the creator and experience the peace, calm, serenity and joy with the artiste

An Opera from the Indian Ocean (L’Opera du Bout du Monde)

In the wings of the opera “Maraina”, the film combines history and oral memory, to recount in music the Europeans’ first contacts with the natives of the Indian Ocean islands, made of violence and love stories. Between the XVIIth century and today, this historical road movie follows the cast’s fantastic journey to the place where it all began – Fort-Dauphin,

Cello Tales

Four strings, a wooden box that has lived for 300 years. The cello is the most human-like of all musical instruments in shape, size and sound. A daughter searches for her father’s stolen instrument for a decade. An artisan looks for the best way to craft the perfect piece of wood. A soloist travels the world playing. A copyist recreates